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We all know it’s not about you, but “who you know!”

In today’s ever evolving world of business, a few strong referrals can make all the difference in making a small business successful and healthy. We propose taking advantage of the powerful influence word of mouth referrals can have on an individual.

If you know office building tenants with a lease that will expire in the next 6-18 months, share them with the confidence you have in the team at Commercial Realty Specialists to represent them with their ow real estate needs. Your associates will appreciate the recommendation and in return we will refer any associates of our in need to you you and your business. It takes just few minutes to discuss with someone our services and arrange an introduction, but those few minutes make a world of a difference to us and we certainly wont’ forget or hesitate to return the favor.

Here is what we propose:

1. Discuss our valuable services with your associates and have them call us and tell us that you referred them. Or simply send us an email with the name of your associates and contact numbers and tell them to expect a call from us soon.

2. When your referral gets in contact with us (or we contact them), we will make a note of it and refer your business to our associates whenever the opportunity arises.

And that’s it! Everyone wins; we continue to grow our business with great new clients, your associates get professional representation that saves them time and money and you get our referrals in return to help grow your own business!

Give us a call today to REFER A FRIEND at:

(949) 705-7000