Intern Testimonials

I worked as an intern at Commercial Realty Specialists for Summer 2014. It has been an unbelievable experience that will most certainly help me in my future job success.

I came into this internship knowing basically nothing about commercial real estate, but that quickly changed. Not only have I learned a lot about commercial real estate but I also learned quite a bit about marketing and advertising in the form of e-mail and social media marketing. My supervisor, Deborah Pierson was great; she really challenged me to learn new skills, provided clear cut training, and was very supportive and patient throughout my entire time as a CRS intern.

Randy Mason, CRS Managing Partner was a great manager as well. He too was very motivating and encouraging the entire time and was patient as well, even if there was something I did not understand right away. He always had very useful tasks for me to complete. I learned some great sales techniques and am now much more comfortable talking to and meeting with potential clients.

I learned a lot from the management and fellow interns through this program and know that this internship will greatly help me in my future career endeavors. If you are a college student looking for an internship opportunity I would highly recommend Commercial Realty Specialists Internship program as a stepping stone to be successful in any industry of your choice. -Brian Reilly, Intern August 2014

“Working as a brand marketing and sales promotion intern for Commercial Realty Specialists has allowed me to develop and grow both as a professional and as a human being. Joining the CRS team has been my best business decision as a young professional without a doubt. I now have a whole new skill set that has led me to more opportunities in the work world. Interns at CRS are not limited to one task; each intern is responsible for multiple components of the company. This internship has not only shown me a new industry, but has given me tools that will help me obtain success in any field. Being a CRS intern has taught me how to apply teamwork into an office setting as well.

Randy Mason and Deborah Pierson are intelligent and humble professionals that have so much knowledge they want to share with their interns. They are willing to spend time with each individual intern, making sure they are getting the most they can out of the experience. Deborah is a strong, efficient professional. She does a wonderful job leading the intern team by teaching us something new every day. She is extremely organized, which directly translates to CRS’s success while working every day to make sure CRS’s brand spreads. Deborah is the rock of this company. Without her CRS would not be as successful as it is. On top of everything she does for CRS, Deborah always brings such a positive attitude to the office. It is easy to tell how much she truly cares about her team and is invested in the betterment of each and every employee at CRS. She has taught me so much that I feel comfortable pursuing a number of different fields in the near future. My experience at CRS is something I will always remember.” -Greg Johnson, Intern Summer 2014

“For the past 3 months, I’ve worked as an intern for Commercial Realty Specialists. In this time, CRS has given me an invaluable amount of experience and knowledge that I will take with me and use as the foundation for my future career endeavors.

Not only did I gain insight into the commercial real estate industry, but I also learned how to successfully market and brand a business through email, social media, and web design. My supervisor, Deborah Pierson, was very helpful and patient as I learned these tools of the business, and allowed me enough autonomy to learn on my own while supporting me throughout all my projects and tasks. It was within this setting that I was able to understand team collaboration in a business environment.

Working under the tutelage of the managing partner, Randy Mason, was a fantastic experience as well. He instructed me on making sales calls, meeting clients, tracking down prospects, and analyzing lease documents. He has challenged me with meaningful tasks that are important to the success of the company and helped me to fully understand the company’s role in the commercial real estate industry. I’ve truly learned more about commercial real estate in the past few months than I have throughout my entire collegiate career.

Along with the knowledge and technical skill I’ve gained, time I’ve put in at small business conventions, networking mixers, and face to face client meetings have helped immensely in making me comfortable and confident in a professional environment. I would recommend this internship program to any college student interested in real estate, who wants hands on experience in a flexible environment. ” -Chris Darling, Intern August 2013

This past summer 2013, my time spent as an intern with the team at Commercial Realty Specialists has been extremely valuable. CRS has a very positive work environment and a feeling of camaraderie among everyone in the office that made it enjoyable to go to work every day.

My supervisor, Deborah Pierson, gave me an abundant amount of support and encouragement throughout my time there. She provided me with tasks to help me gain experience in marketing through website, social media development, and email campaigns. In addition to this, she also created a collaborative team environment in which everyone worked together to complete tasks and projects. This allowed me to learn even more as working with others let me see ideas I wouldn’t have thought of on my own.

In addition, working under the CRS Managing Partner, Randy Mason, was a great experience. I learned so much from him in the past three months. Whether that be making sales calls, going over lease documents, or even day to day office tasks, he always took advantage of the opportunity to teach me something new.

Overall, this internship has been extremely beneficial. I know for a fact that I can take the skills and knowledge I have gained from this internship and utilize them in my future career, whatever that may be. I would recommend this internship to anyone looking for practical business experience in real estate or marketing. While completing my CRS Internship, there were endless opportunities to learn and succeed and for that, I am very grateful. -Jamie O’Donnell, Intern August 2013

“Unlike several other interns at Commercial Realty Specialists, I knew very little about professional environments, business development, marketing, and commercial real estate before I joined the team at Commercial Realty Specialists. I am extremely grateful that the managing partner, Randy Mason, took a chance on me, and mentored me for a whole year. This experience has truly been the most valuable professional experience of my life thus far, and the experiences I have had here have not only helped me grow as a professional but also personally.

As a Commercial Realty Specialists intern I have been able to learn from a wide variety of experiences in commercial real estate, but also in business development and management, running a business, marketing, social media, sales, web design, and video editing. As an intern, Commercial Realty Specialists will support you in whatever you are interested in, and give you the education, support, and resources to become an expert in your areas of interest. Randy Mason and the team at Commercial Realty Specialists will tailor the internship program to help you learn whatever you may be interested in. So whether you are interested in a career in Commercial Real Estate, like I am, or are interested in a career in web development and marketing, this internship will be very valuable to you.

By joining the team at Commercial Realty Specialists I had the opportunity to go to professional networking events, attend educational conferences, attend Commercial Real Estate speaker events, sit-in on client meetings, and attend an assortment of other business related meetings. Through all of these experiences I have become more comfortable in a business environment which has helped build my confidence in a professional setting.

For any person looking to learn and be a part of experiences that will help their future endeavors, the Commercial Realty Specialists internship program is perfect. Not only do the daily tasks help a person learn, the environment here is friendly and fun. I highly recommend this internship for anyone who wants to learn and become skilled in a variety of different areas that will help a person get ready to start a career.” -John Costa, Intern July 2013

Throughout the 10 weeks during Spring, I completed the UC Irvine ACP Marketing Internship Program at Commercial Realty Specialists. It was a fantastic experience studying abroad and working in a local start-up company. Through the internship I gained marketing practice in a local small business environment.  It was a long-term process however it was also the beginning of my new career.

When I joined Commercial Realty Specialists, other interns had just finished their internship program, so I quickly picked up on the tasks from others. I was trying to use my knowledge of marketing strategy and planning to complete these daily tasks.   I realized these are all the tough tasks a start-up business is responsible for completing. During the internship, I worked on multiple tasks from website management using WordPress, SEO optimization, CRS Flyers and Brochure, CRS Internship How-To Manual, Social Media Campaigns involving Facebook/Twitter/Hoot Suite/YouTube/LinkedIn, Time Management and Leadership ability-training new interns, to attending CRS Events and Training Sessions.

I respect the sense of humor my boss Randy and manager Deborah maintained, even in stressful working conditions. They enjoyed working every day and  focused on achieving results. Through this internship I learned time management, team building, scheduling, communication,  and sales skills. On my last day at Commercial Realty Specialists, they scheduled a BBQ to celebrate the completion of my internship. This is an example of the team environment in place there and how everyone works together. Commercial Realty Specialists has a professional team environment that made my experience and time there something really special and created an atmosphere in which it was enjoyable to work. –Wen Sun, Intern June 2013

“Working as a business development intern with Randy at Commercial Realty Specialists was one of the best career decisions I’ve made thus far. Even though real estate isn’t the direction I plan on going, every aspect of this job is helpful for the future. This position is not just getting coffee and picking up the dry cleaning like many tend to be, it’s about business development and more importantly personal development. The main goal is learning all about how to build business first handedly so anyone can take a lot from this position.  The skill set I entered into this job with has exponentially increased and I have become more confident in saying that I am a great potential hire for any business once I graduate college. Randy gave me a lot of creative wiggle room in this position. He was always open to any and all suggestions in the realm of marketing and really inspired me to pull through with those ideas until I prospered which is something little internships allow you to do.” Nicole Beck, Intern  January 2011

 “Interning here at Commercial Realty Specialists has allowed me to grow and mature as a person. Under Randy Mason’s leadership, I’ve learned a great deal about all aspects of commercial real estate, how to work in a professional environment, and valuable life lessons. While working for Randy Mason, I’ve expanded new grounds outside my comfort zone; from making business calls to going out and having face to face interactions with business contacts. Within the first few weeks of interning at Lee & Associates, I was taught the fundamentals of the commercial real estate business. Randy taught me the foundation of his business, what he does, the fashion in which he does business, and the logic behind his operation. With day to day tasks such as reading current commercial real estate articles, posting commercial real estate news to social media accounts, creating PowerPoint’s, and time spent within the office, I gained a firm foundation of the business. With this understanding, I moved on to making phone calls and knocking on business doors, which has allowed me to enhance my sales skills. I’ve taken away simple but important things useful in any real world situation such as the correct way to handshake, the importance of eye contact while listening or speaking with your audience, and remembering to smile.” Tony Awadalla, Intern  April 2011

“Interning for Randy Mason at Commercial Realty Specialists has given me opportunities and a whole new skill set. Working here has improved my people skills, technological skills, and my understanding of a professional business environment. Randy does not dictate the method of how I complete my work but gives me tasks and the freedom to accomplish them in my own unique way. The trust given to me is abnormal for an intern but it has taught me, very effectively, to be more responsible. This internship has not only shown me a new industry but has given me tools that will help me obtain success in any field.”Chad Milburn, Intern February 2012

“Interning for Randy Mason at Commercial Realty Specialists was an immense boost to my learning curve in a business environment. Randy’s experience in real estate shines through his knowledge, understanding and execution in the field.  What is truly impressive about Randy is his love of teaching and mentoring young people through his own experiences and life lessons. Through this internship I have learned a vast number of skills ranging from how to successfully market a start-up company to the correct way to conduct myself in a business environment. Interning for Randy Mason has been very
beneficial for me and has prepared me for future opportunities.” – Kevin
MacNaughton, Intern  January 2012

“Interning for Randy Mason provided me with great experience that is transferable to the professional world. During my time as an intern, I had the opportunity to develop and employ a cross-platform marketing strategy geared towards business development. I think it’s safe to say that many internship programs do not typically bestow this level of responsibility upon their participants, and while it was definitely challenging at times, it was truly rewarding.

Another valuable aspect of this internship program is that it is truly for anyone who is willing to put in the hard work necessary to achieve. Simply put, you WILL receive proper on the job training, and will never feel like a “fish out of water” if you do not have a real estate background. Furthermore, if you are someone who is somewhat shy, this internship has the great added bonus of teaching you how to become more outgoing and business savvy; and believe me, this will definitely pay dividends later on in  your future job interviews, presentations, and negotiations.

Lastly, I would like to convey that this internship was a good experience for me because of the personalized touch. Prior to my internship with Randy, I had another internship found on the Vault.com list of top 10 internships in America, and while I was initially attracted to the prestige that came along with that designation, it was not an enjoyable experience to say the least. Internships like that can be very rigid, and while that might be great for some, I felt suffocated, because I wasn’t able to highlight my attributes and ‘spread my wings’. Randy’s internship is different. You are able to work with him one-on-one and formulate a plan of action that highlights your strengths and strengthens your weaknesses.” – Eric Tenenbaum, Intern

“Throughout my experience at Commercial Realty Specialists I developed an ample amount of essential skills that are extremely useful in the business world.  Randy’s approach to his internship is a bit unorthodox and it allows you to learn more than you could in any other internship.  His mentality on how you should be involved allows you to freely explore ideas and possibilities that would otherwise be impossible at another generic internship.  His approach has enabled me to highlight my strengths in order to achieve a better end result.  The tasks and duties assigned to me have each fulfilled a purpose in learning about the real estate industry or problem solving skills essential to running your own business.  Through Randy’s counsel and positive reinforcement I am now highly confident in the realm of sales and marketing.  I also owe this in part to the door to door interactions that were required of me.  I really have learned a lot in my experience with Randy and I would highly recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in building a repertoire of crucial business skills.”  – Eric Ruggio, Intern

Interning for Randy Mason at Commercial Realty Specialists was an overall great experience and definitely provided value for me as I continue my future.  The skill sets I have gained from the internship are not only applicable in the Real Estate industry, but just professionally in general.  This internship provides for challenging responsibilities that help you grow your communication skills and overall strategic skills.

A great part of the internship was the fact that it was pretty much personalized.  Randy gives a lot of trust to his interns, which at first can be intimidating, but only helps you complete your work more efficiently and also makes you feel more comfortable in the office as well.  Aside from all the work that we get assigned, we get to see how Randy deals with his clients and how he is so successful in the industry.  Whether it be sitting in on phone calls or in-the-field client meetings, those experiences translate into great learning tools and have helped gain more value out of the internship.

Randy is a man of his word and will provide a great internship experience for anyone who works for him.  It has been a pleasure being an intern for Commercial Realty Specialists and I definitely recommend it for anyone who is looking to dive into this industry.” –Tyler Johnson, Intern

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