Dear Randy,

My husband Bill and I had an “Angel” looking over our shoulder when we were introduced to Randy Mason and the team of Commercial Realty Specialists. I was so happy when the day finally came that Bill could open his own office. The decision was made so suddenly, I was left scrambling to find him a place that he could move into quickly, but could still work with comfort and with pride.

After spinning my wheels a bit, Randy came in and pointed me in the right direction. Although, he told me that normally people started looking for office space for a company six months in advance. He didn’t laugh when I told him I needed an office “immediately”, with worst case scenario being 60 days.

Within a week of meeting Randy and the Commercial Realty Specialists  team, I had several offices that I knew would satisfy my husband’s requirements. Of course, they were twice the size he told me to look for, and had more amenities, but really thought that was what he needed, and Randy encouraged me not to settle for less. After a whirlwind of searching, Randy provided several great site locations to include the office we thought was perfect.

After we selected our office space location, Randy began his “negotiating magic” with the lease options to best fit our needs. It is a testament to his commercial real estate expertise, within five weeks of our meeting, the office lease was signed, with great terms, and my husband was up and running as a full service law office.

Randy is not just our broker, he is now our friend! We look forward to continued business relationship and long-term friendship. I will be happy to recommend Randy and the team at Commercial Realty Specialists to anyone needing your fine services.

Thank you so much,

Fran (and Bill) Bennett

To Whom This May Concern:

It is with great honor that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Mr. Randy Mason for his fantastic work done to secure our newly expanded wing for AmeriClerkships Medical Society.

Mr. Mason has certainly proven to be a finely tuned individual, as evidenced by his dedication to us as his client, and attention he pays to details. He demonstrated a superior understanding of team concept, which showed when confronted with difficult situations with the Irvine Company and CBRE, requiring working with others to reach a satisfactory resolution.

Mr. Randy Mason had always displayed a high degree of integrity, not only within the confines of our business relationship, but also with other members of the company. He is direct and honest with a confidence level that is hard to match.

I have the greatest confidence in his maturity, insights, and ability to succeed in any commercial real estate venture. Randy is an outstanding man of promise and personal integrity. I am delighted to be able to recommend him so strongly and unreservedly.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions that you might have.

Pedram Mizani, MD
Family Medicine
CEO – AmeriClerkships Medical Society



I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciated your efforts in securing Gallup’s new space in Irvine. This is the third major negotiation you have helped us with, and I am again completely satisfied. Your talent, willingness, and ability to help negotiate the best deal possible make you among the best real estate advisors with which I have worked. You have earned our trust, and can be certain we will be calling you in the future when the need arises.

All the best,
Ed Miller
VP of Facilities Gallup Inc.

Gallup 2005

Dear Randy,

Just a note of thanks for your efforts in successfully completing Gallup’s lease renewal. You were able to get all of the terms I wanted, and I’d have to say it was a home run! Your suggestion to renew the lease well ahead of the termination and take advantage of the sour economic conditions proved to be a very good one.

We look forward to working with you again in the future. Stay in touch

Ed Miller
VP of Facilities Gallup Inc.

Gallup 2010

Dear Randy,

I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciated the job you have done with the relocation process for my office.

I would also like to say to you it was a breath of fresh air to deal with someone that actually does what they say they are going to do, and follow through to completion without worry. You went well above and beyond to help with all my questions and concerns. Your attention to detail, during the lease negotiations, constant contact by phone or in person was also very much appreciated.

From both Steve Mussmacher, Sr. VP of Operations, Nu Horizons and myself would like to sincerely say “Thank you!” You have represented yourself, your company and ours in the most professional manner, and made the process not only successful for all but also enjoyable.

Please do not hesitate to call me at any time to act as a reference, or if someone wants to speak to a satisfied client.

Many Thanks,
Erik Wysong
RSM – Southwest

Nu Horizons Electronics

Dear Sir/ Madam

PAETEC Communications has employed Randy Mason during the past eight months to secure three separate premise changes, key to the continued rapid growth and success of the Company.

The fact that we have utilized Randy for three projects is indicative of our complete satisfaction with the level of service he has given us, his research results, extensive negotiations with different landlords on each occasion, and his management of the tasks from idea to completion. Prior to meeting Randy, our experience of commercial realtors was generally unsatisfactory, with strong salesmanship unsupported by follow-through and delivery. We are delighted now to have Randy as our ‘resident’ realtor and to be able to turn away other prospectors from his industry.

The projects Randy has undertaken for PAETEC are: –

1.  The relocation of our Head Office to 20,000 square feet to prime space in Irvine, including the early termination of the existing lease. The new space was completely refurbished, with the provision of individual offices, conference rooms, open plan accommodation and catering facilities.

2.  The extension of the lease, with additional space for our 5,000 square feet Culver City branch office.

3.  Established a new 3,000 square feet sales office in Ontario.

Randy has worked with many PAETEC managers at these locations. He is personable, strong on communications, of high integrity, and a hard worker. We will not hesitate to use Randy for our next project, or to recommend him to you.

Please let me know if I can assist further.

Yours truly
Chris Bantoft
President, West & Alternate Channels

PAETEC Communications

Dear Randy:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for working so hard for Shortcuts Software. Once again, you went above and beyond your call of duty as a commercial real estate service provider and I will continue to use your services in the future.

Your market knowledge, expert negotiation skills and creative ideas were extremely helpful and benefited Shortcuts Software immensely.

Should you ever require a business reference, please feel free to call upon me and I look forward to working with you again on our next expansion

Matthew Weiss
Executive V.P. Shortcuts Software, Inc.

Shortcuts Software

Dear Randy,

Once again, Warren Hehre and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all of your assistance in representing Wavefunction, Inc., in our most recent (2010) lease renewal at 18401 Von Karman Ave, Irvine, CA. Your market knowledge and negotiation skills allowed us to successfully maintain occupancy of the space we needed, release space that we did not need, and significantly reduce our (office related) annual expenses.

We couldn’t have done it without you! If you are ever in need of a professional reference, please feel free to pass my name along. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

With best regards,
Sean Ohlinger
V.P., General Manager Wavefunction, Inc.


Dear Randy,

The purpose of this letter is to express my appreciation for the outstanding work you did on our lease negotiations. To be honest, in the beginning, I was reticent about using your services. I have been running my own company for many years and felt I could negotiate a new lease agreement easily. I have literally negotiated hundreds of contracts in my career; what was one more? However, your persistence, and track record of successes, convinced me to give you a shot. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Let me share with you just a few of the lessons I have learned from this experience.

  • You saved me an enormous amount of time. To be blunt, you doing the grunt work meant I could focus on other things. I had no idea how much time could be spent on such minutia as getting carpet and paint samples. Just the coordination of setting up meetings between the players had to be time intensive. While this activity is important, I hate spending my (or my staff’s) time on such things.
  • Its what to negotiate that is important. It’s certainly more complex than price per sq foot! You negotiated deal points that I never knew existed. Many of these saved me thousands of dollars. This point is especially true when significant tenant improvements are involved. You protected my interests by making sure that I would be 100% satisfied with my office space, as well as the price.
  • Knowledge of market conditions gives you significant leverage. Your expertise gave you the ability to know where to apply pressure. I underestimated the importance of this point. You understood it well and applied it like a master.

Randy, to put it simply, I am a very happy customer. Thanks!

Jay Selman
CEO Pinpoint Technologies, Inc.


Dear Randy,

Trust has been a crucial factor in the relationship I have with you.

As you know, you recently helped renew a lease that we had initiated with our landlord 3 years ago. We had a choice of moving to a new location or staying in our current offices. We had a preference for not moving, but the asking rate for renewal was higher than other similar office suites that we were considering. Also, we knew that our office park will not stay vacant and landlord would be able to command a high asking price.

Through our past association with you we had come to rely on your seasoned and thorough knowledge of the market and the current trends. You had the initiative to start a year before our lease was due for renewal and with planned and consistent approach, you managed to bring the landlord to accept lower terms than what they originally expected. In addition we had a substantive and very comfortable tenant improvement allowance in par with other suite alternatives.

I feel a major factor in your success is your personal and professional commitment to the client’s objective. Your experience and ingenuousness to find the optimum solution for the client is really world class. You uncompromisingly develop solutions consistent with the stated goals and then you make sure to see that the client has several alternatives while being cognizant of the concern for strategic timing.

Thank you again for helping us with our office renewal!

Amir Ghanouni
VP of Sales
Aeroflex Inc.
Irvine, CA


Dear Randy,

Thanks so much for the great service. I wasn’t looking forward to moving and was very frustrated by my experience with other real estate people. Your professionalism and attention to detail was key in structuring the deal that allowed us to stay in our current space. You had the right questions and the right answers. You are straightforward and honest.

Larry Neilson
National Marketing Services


To whom it may concern,

I write this letter in hopes that each reader will understand the true pleasure I experienced working with Randy Mason and his team of professionals at Lee & Associates. Because my time is very scarce I rarely write many recommendation letters, however this letter I consider a pleasure to pen.

I don’t know how to begin to articulate the profound level of service I recieved from Randy, Lauren, and Andrew at Lee & Associates. From my first call with Andrew I was confident I was dealing with experienced professionals. The comprehensive list of detailed properties that Lauren pulled together, gave me many options to choose from. What’s more impressive is the “hand holding” I recieved when it came time to begin narrowing down the properties. Randy’s team helped me narrow down my list quickly. This saved me hours and hours of looking at properties that weren’t right for me.

Once we located the right property for our move, surprisingly I was provided by Randy’s team with a thorough packet of information related to all the things I needed to think about for my upcoming move. Again, I was impressed by such a thoughtful act of service.

The real value that exceeded anything I would have ever expected came when Randy stepped up during the final hours to make sure we were able to get into our new office on schedule. In the eleventh hour the landlord started dragging their feet and it looked almost certain that we would not be able to make our move in date. Randy exceeded my expectations and refused to give up even after I had lost all hope. As things ended up we made our move in and Randy was even able to negotiate for us, at the last minute, a free month of rent for all the trouble.

I can’t stress enough how thoroughly satisfied I was with Randy, Lauren, and Andrew. My job, for them, was certainly not a profitable one but they were always quick to treat me like a VIP. I can say without a doubt I will never use another commercial real estate company in Orange County apart from these guys. I would encourage you to take advantage of their excellent service as well. These guys are a true pleasure to work with. If you would like to speak with me directly about my experience don’t hesitate to call me at 949-861-2780 x 213

Best Regards,
Chris Picou
MaxPro Leasing



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