Sharing Knowledge and Experiences with Your Children

Randy (Randolph T.) Mason, CCIM, SIOR – I’m very fortunate to have been raised by a loving and supportive father. While all of the advice and wisdom that he provided when I was young was not necessarily appreciated at the time it was given, I came to find how right he was once I had a son.

One of the lessons my father taught me was work ethic. He shared with me that it’s very important to simply get out of bed and get things moving. He used the quote, “suit up and show up.” It has worked well for me. He also taught me that action equals results, and don’t wait for the phone to ring. Go out and beat the bushes.

When I was asked by the Orange County Business Journal editor Pete Weitzner and writer Mediha DiMartino to be part of OC Style section (which I thought was rather funny, as I don’t consider myself stylish, although I do wear a suit and tie to the office every day), I was humbled and honored.

In an effort to include my son in this experience (who was also in the family commercial real estate business), I asked her if she had ever done a father and son piece. She said she had not, and thought it was an excellent idea.

The feature below makes a father extremely proud to have been involved in creating a special memory with his son. I guess what I’m trying to say, is it’s important to give our children love and discipline as well as work ethic, positive affirmations, and experiences.

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