We all know that work is a four-letter word. But so is love and help

I bring this up because work can be an enjoyable and meaningful daily task that can be used to help others and earn an income to feed your family and pay your bills. (I’m going to confess, I love my work—not every aspect, but the career choice in general.—there, I said it.)

The other day, my wife mentioned she was going to have dinner with a girlfriend which prompted me to consider working longer. I thought, why do I need to sit at the office when I have a perfectly good beach nearby? I picked up our dog Ginger earlier in the afternoon, and headed to the beach about 5 o’clock. I figured it would be a fantastic opportunity to watch the sunset, work and have my dog play in the sand and explore. It was an excellent decision and I’m glad I did it!

It got me thinking, what if I did not have a beach nearby. Well, the reality is one could always go to the park, mountains, outdoor cafe or any other favorite spot in order to enjoy the outdoor environment. Life is short, carpe diem!

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