The Importance of Handwritten Notes

I already know that all of the old timers appreciate the value of a handwritten note. It’s for the younger generation this article is being penned.

When I first got into business, we used things called typewriters. It was very laborious. As a substitute for the typewriter, was a handwritten note. While the typewriter was much more professional looking, it became a sign of personal professionalism to provide someone with a hand-written note.

I will acknowledge, it is a bit time consuming to author a handwritten note; and some folks don’t have the most legible handwriting, but none-the-less it shows someone cares. Handwritten notes need to be sincere. When I meet with someone and have a real connection, I will take the time to write and thank them for the meeting. I’ve been told by past recipients that they appreciated the gesture.

In this day and age of technology– email, texting, instant messaging, etc. taking a few moments out of your busy schedule to send something via US post and using a real postage stamp can make a difference in a relationship.

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