The Art of Tactful Negotiating Encouragement

There are many times in a negotiation where being tactfully persistent (to hurry up) is important in a transaction. As an example; when a commercial property market has a low vacancy rate, and a potential tenant or buyer is looking at either leasing or buying the property. Tactfully encouraging the procuring side to move quickly is beneficial to both parties.

A real life example happened when a property was available for lease, in a market with a 1%- 3% vacancy rate. A tenant had committed to lease the property, but was not moving as fast as the property owner would like. We needed to tactfully inform the tenant’s representative that there continued to be a great amount of interest in the property and they needed to encourage their client to expend more resources in order to consummate a transaction. The encouragement was successful and the tenant ultimately got the building and was able to commence business; and the owner of the property was happy to finalize the transaction. Tactful encouragement provided a successful outcome to all parties.

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