Writing Articles can be a benefit

Writing articles can be a benefit

June 19, 2009

Writing articles can be scary, exciting and rewarding all at the same time! To be perfectly honest, I did not think I was able to write. Yes, I have a degree in Marketing and Finance and wrote articles after I graduated University, yet, I still felt I was unworthy…After I obtained my SIOR & CCIM designations, I was told by colleagues and my business coach that I should share some of my knowledge and experiences with others.

So, I wrote my first article (the scary part), presented it to the Lee and Associates PR company, The Hoyt Organization and low and behold the California Real Estate Journal published it! Well, that’s when the exciting part started! The rewarding aspect came with the fact that my “scribing” has made an impact on others lives. Case in point, a fellow broker asked if he could use one of my articles to show his client.

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It is also rewarding because it has taken me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to continue to (as a leasing director from The Irvine Company says) become “bigger, better & stronger”.

Yes, it does take time and commitment. Now, when I experience a situation that I think will benefit others if it is documented, I will share that adventure.

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